Election 2014

EBRHA Endorses Oakland Mayoral and City Council Candidates

In July, EBRHA’s Board and Political Action Committee (PAC) interviewed Oakland’s mayoral and city council candidates. EBRHA members were invited to listen to the discussion. After careful consideration, the EBRHA PAC is pleased to announce the following endorsements:

 Oakland Mayoral Endorsements (in no particular order)


ebrha, bryan parker, oakland, mayorName: Bryan Parker
Occupation: Healthcare Executive
Employer: PCI Health Dev
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courtney ruby, oakland, mayor, ebrhaName: Courtney Ruby
Occupation: Oakland City Auditor
Employer: City of Oakland
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joe-tuman-thumbName: Joe Tuman
Occupation: Department Chair and Professor
Employer: San Francisco State University
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Oakland City Council Endorsements


Jill-Broadhurst-EBRHA-2014-thumb-for-webName: Jill Broadhurst
District: 4
Occupation: Executive/Finance Director
Employer: East Bay Rental Housing Association



Dana KingName: Dana King
District: 2
Occupation: Retired Broadcast Journalist
Employer: N/A