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Update on Oakland Garbage/Recycling Push/Pull Fees

Many EBRHA members have asked if you have to pay CWS’s new push/pull fees. We have heard that they are refunding fees due to lack of notice. If you can manage a solution outside of CWS or Waste Management, then you should immediately end the push/pull service for your property and ask for a refund for October, November, and December. EBRHA remains dedicated to exploring all options with this ridiculous contract, and will need you to participate very shortly. Please stay tuned and engaged.

Property Owners: Concerned About Garbage and Recycling Rates in Oakland?

In October, multifamily property owners attended EBRHA’s Oakland Garbage & Recycling informational meeting. EBRHA President Wayne Rowland and Executive Director Jill Broadhurst reviewed the timeline history of the contract negotiations and what EBRHA has been doing to amend the contract (including meeting futilely for months with city council and staff), and what the options are in the coming months.

At our meetings, we found out that some owners feel no fees should be paid until Waste Management visits their buildings with a viable alternative. Other owners feel that their tenants need to know what is going on in terms of increased service costs—that this is the only way, outside of a legal challenge, to motivate councilmembers and staff to react towards a reasonable solution.

As a trade association representing many Oakland owners, EBRHA feels it is worth doing two things:
  1. Sending a formal letter (click to download) to Oakland’s Mayor, city council members, and administration formalizing EBRHA’s position regarding the contract and the issues we face as providers of housing (contact info below).
  2. Providing a letter template that you can amend for your renters, letting them know what has changed these last few months in terms of service and rates. They should receive this immediately. This letter also justifiably depicts those members of city hall as adding to the affordability, displacement and gentrification issues in Oakland by choosing to vote on this contract. Click here to download the letter template and edit the fields as needed.

EBRHA urges you to send the attached letter to your tenants as soon as possible. We will send updates regarding the garbage contract and rates as they become available. EBRHA thanks all members who attended our meetings and have been involved in the garbage contract discussions.

Mayor Libby Schaaf
(510) 238-3141 or or @libbyschaaf (twitter)

City Administrator: Sabrina Landreth
(510) 238-3301 or

Council District 1 – Dan Kalb
(510) 238-7001 or

Council District 2 – Abel J. Guillen
(510) 238-7002 or 

Council District 3 – Lynette Gibson McElhaney (Council President)
(510) 238-7003 or  

Council District 4 – Annie Campbell Washington
(510) 238-7004 or

Council District 5 – Noel Gallo
(510) 238-7005 or

Council District 6 – Desley Brooks
(510) 238-7006 or 

Council District 7 – Larry Reid
(510) 238-7007 or

Councilmember At Large – Rebecca Kaplan
(510) 238-7008 or

Please cc  in all communication you send to Oakland staff and elected officials.