2016 Election Results

City of Oakland

Measure JJ: Renter’s Upgrade Act – Approved with Majority Vote  

  • Pre-petition for all increases above the annual allowable increase (CPI, currently 2%)
  • No pre-petitioning needed for banking
  • Just Cause will now include properties built before December 31,1995 (currently set at 1980)
  • More power given to the Oakland Rent Board
  • Substantial rehabilitation has much more restrictive requirements
  • This measure is effective
    February 1, 2017

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Measure KK: Infrastructure Bond – Approved with More Than 2/3 Vote 

Measure KK is an infrastructure bond, that will last 30 years and tax residents $70 per every $100,000 of assessed property value. This increase includes commercial, multi-unit and single-family dwellings and cannot be passed through to renters. For an average property value of $900,000, that means another $630 per year for 30 years. The City can pay staff salaries with this money. Bond proceeds can be given as loans or grants to nonprofits, corporations, and other government agencies.What is not spent in 10 yearscan be reallocated with a simple council resolution. This is effective next tax bill.

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Oakland City Council – All Incumbents Remain in Council Seat

Council District 1 – Dan Kalb

Council District 3 – Lynette Gibson McElhaney (Council President)
Council District 5 – Noel Gallo
Council District 7 – Larry Reid
Councilmember At Large – Rebecca Kaplan


City of Richmond

Measure L: Rent Control – Approved with Majority Vote
This measure will set a maximum allowable rent charged on rent controlled residential units in the City of Richmond. The measure will also prohibit rental property owners from terminating tenancies for reasons that are not specifically listed in the ordinance. In addition, certain temporary rentals, small second units, and rental of certain rooms, as further described in the ordinance, will be exempt from requirements of the ordinance.
The ordinance will set maximum allowable annual rental increases for all residential units except for certain exempt units. Units exempt from rent control would include, for example, units that are exempt from rent control under the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act and certain small second dwelling units. A Rent Board is to be established by Richmond City Council. This measure is effective 10 days after the vote is declared by City Council.
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City of Alameda  

Measure L1: City Supported Rent Ordinance – Approved with Majority Vote 
In March 2016 the City Council adopted the Rent Review, Rent Stabilization and Limitations on Evictions Ordinance, to stabilize rents and limit the grounds for terminating tenancies. In August, the City Council submitted to voters a confirmation of this ordinance, which passed yesterday as Measure L1. EBRHA opposed both measures, but the less caustic measure passed. This measure is effective 10 days after the vote is declared by City Council.

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Measure M1: Tenant Supported Rent Control Initiative – Failed

Rent Control Measures Around The Bay Area 


Rent control was also on the ballot in various cities in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Below are the results of the votes in each city.

Measure R in Burlingame – Failed 

Measure V in Mountain View – Approved (City Council alternative Measure W- Failed)