2019 Board Member Nominees

These are the Board Nominees for 2020-2022 year.

The date of voting will be Saturday, November 16th at 11 am at the member meeting.


Brent Kernan

I have been a rental property attorney since 1994. In 2009, My wife and I bought rental property in Oakland.  We really like managing our rental properties, but even though I was an attorney in the field I needed EBRHA to assist us. EBRHA’s forms were crucial to our little business when we began.

Since then, I have steadily become more involved in EBRHA. I had been looking for a place where I could be part of my community, and I felt like EBRHA members shared many of my values. I got involved in EBRHA’s political activities (even though I hate politics) and began writing articles for the magazine.

Over time, I was encouraged to run for Board membership. I really like and respect my colleagues on the Board. I find it stimulating to work with them in maintaining EBRHA’s mission to serve the needs of all types of people involved in rental property management.

As a board member and current Secretary of the Board, I have worked to steer EBRHA education, maintain our forms, update our corporate bylaws, write articles addressing changing laws and assist others at EBRHA in their tasks. As a rental property lawyer, I provide an informal resource for the board when we approach legal issues.

I want to continue as a board member because I believe that I can be as effective as I have in my last term in addressing the challenges that we face in trying to maintain our rights and independence as rental property owners.


Taylor Hines

Taylor Hines is an Economist working for Compass Lexecon in Oakland. With degrees in Economics and Statistics from the University of California Berkeley, Taylor has extensive experience in policy analysis, especially in issues impacting housing. He also owns and manages a duplex in Frutivale and has been an EBRHA member since 2017.

Beyond the traditional tenant issues EBRHA works on, Taylor is particularly interested in working on planning and zoning issues impacting the development of housing in the East Bay, specifically transit oriented development and ADU policy.

Taylor was also heavily involved in the 2018 midterm elections serving on two campaign committees fighting harmful local ballot measures as well as Prop 10 statewide. As as board member, Taylor expects to continue this work leading into the 2020 election.


Mahasty Lebastchi

Mahasty Lebastchi is a Berkeley native, who has been with Shaw Properties since 2001. After graduating from San Francisco State and living abroad for a few years, Mahasty returned to work at an office job, before Judy Shaw, her mother and founder of Shaw Properties, asked her to join the growing business. Together, they have built Shaw Properties to its current 250 unit company. Mahasty currently oversees maintenance, bookkeeping, day-to-day operations, and is the direct contact for owners’ questions and concerns. After obtaining her broker’s license two years ago, she is now a partner with Judy. In her free time, Mahasty likes to go out for hikes with her husband, Ben, two daughters, Grace and Rose, and their rambunctious springer spaniel, Cisco.


Aaron Young

Aaron is a real estate broker and the general manager of Beacon Properties, an Oakland based property management firm. Aaron has been serving rental property owners for more than fifteen years and manages hundreds of apartment, single family and commercial rental units in the East Bay Area. He oversees all aspects of successful rental property operation and guides his clients in navigating the numerous laws and ordinances that affect them, and our industry.

Aaron believes that rental property owners provide an extremely valuable service to the Bay Area and that they deserve fair treatment and advocacy in all venues, and at every level of government. He regularly represents rental property owners dealing with petitions at the Oakland and Berkeley rent boards, during unlawful detainer actions, and in other complex situations.

Aaron is an East Bay Area native, raised in Danville, and has resided in Oakland since 2005. When he’s not serving in the rental housing industry, you might find him hiking one of the many East Bay Area trails, playing golf with friends, or enjoying time with his wife and family.


Caroline Rosetti

I’m Caroline Rosetti. I grew up in San Francisco, CA, and went to the University of California, Berkeley where I majored in American Studies with a focus in the development of urban cities. I also was a member of the Golden Bears Crew Team that placed in the top three nationally four years in a row that taught and reinforced the value of both teamwork and hard work. Since graduating college in 2013 I have been working full time in real estate and development. I work for J & R Associates as a Property Manager, and as one of them first tasks at J &R I attended all of the meetings of the Mayors Oakland Housing Task Force. I learned first hand the importance of being involved politically in order to protect out property rights. I regularly attend both fundraisers and meetings to develop a winder range of contacts with city officials. If I am elected I will work to listen and learn everything I can about your needs so that I can effectively represent you.


Chris Moore

Chris Moore, President of CGM Ventures, Inc., owns and manages a portfolio of multi-family apartments in the San Francisco Bay area with a primary focus in Oakland. In addition to managing the portfolio, Chris is actively investing in Qualified Opportunity Zones and is currently developing a multifamily project in an Opportunity Zone in Oakland. Chris acquired his first investment property in 1991 and recently left the high-technology sector to focus on real estate.

Prior to CGM Ventures, Chris had a 30-year professional career in high-technology telecommunications where he held executive positions at 5 public and private companies (Vodafone, Yahoo, Deloitte, Openwave, Velti, Vonage). Most recently, he was Chief Revenue Officer of Nexmo, where he built and led a global team, analyzed and optimized product pricing, and grew revenues from $40M to $100M over an 18 month period, leading to a $250M acquisition by Vonage Corporation in 2016. Chris has an MBA from UC Berkeley and BS from Cal State East Bay.