Board of Directors


The East Bay Rental Housing Association is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of independent rental property owners and executives from property management firms, who are elected by the general membership.  Please consider becoming a board member. You can obtain a Board of Directors application form by emailing or , or call our office at (510) 893-9873 and request an application be sent to you, or visit our office to request the application form.


EBRHA Board Member Duties

  1. Support the Executive Director and review performance regularly.
  2. Ensure effective organizational planning by creating, maintaining and applying a Strategic Plan and Annual Budget.
  3. Ensure adequate resources. (Dues structure, fundraising, program charges, sales, other sources)
  4. Determine and monitor the organization’s programs, services, and performance in relation to Strategic Plan and Budget.
  5. Enhance the organization’s public image.
  6. Monitor legal and ethical compliance.
  7. Assess the Board’s own performance regularly.
  8. Serve on committees (see list below).


  1. Dedicate sufficient time for Board and Committee meetings
  2. Support the group process, raw democracy and parliamentary decision-making typical of an Association (Support the decisions of the group, despite differences.)
  3. Sense of humor!

Standing Committees

  • Executive Committee (Bylaws Require)
  • Nominating (Bylaws Require)
  • Finance/Management (Bylaws Require)
  • Communications/Political Strategy
  • Membership/Education/Events
EBRHA Officers

Wayne Rowland


Luke Blacklidge
Vice President

Irina Gelfenbeyn
2nd Vice President

Brent Kernan


Carmen Madden

Board of Directors


Symon Chang

Jacqueline Jacobs

Fred Morse


Rick Philips
Chair, Gov’t
Policy Committee

Arcola Moore
Chair, Gov’t Action


Conor Murphy

Joshua Polston

Jack Schwartz


Judy Shaw

Carlon Tanner

Taylor Hines