Broadcast Email Sponsorship

Your company logo and message featured on EBRHA e-blasts to our 1500+ members, who rely on these communications for timely news, upcoming events and classes, legislative alerts, and special announcements.

Audience: 1500
Average Open Rate: 27%
Average Click Rate: 8%

Frequency 3x 6x 12x
Rate (Monthly)  TBD  TBD  TBD
Impressions 4,500 9,000 18,000


Deadlines: Space Close: 20th; Materials Close: 25th @ noon

Specs: 600 pixels wide x 133 pixels deep

Format: RGB, 72 res., JPG or PDF

Website Advertising
Averaging 15,000+ Unique Views Per Month
Size Home Page Banner

(728 x 90 pixels)

Home Page Rectangle

(180 x 250 pixels)

Sidebar Square

(250 x 250 pixels)

Rate (Monthly, consecutive)  TBD  TBD  TBD
Unique Views 45,000 90,000 180,000

Format: RGB, 72 res., JPG or PDF

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