A Big Win for Rental Property Owners

Three Disastrous Bills Defeated, One Amended - Written by EBRHA - Posted Jun 11, 2018

EBRHA Legislative Day team in Sacramento

Last week, the most harmful rental housing industry bills EBRHA lobbied against were voted down or substantially amended. This victory came just weeks after EBRHA’s Legislative Day lobbying team and other CalRHA affiliates fought these bills head-on in Sacramento.

The defeated or amended bills include:

  • AB 2925 (Bonta) – Defeated: Would have established statewide “just cause” eviction mandates and would have resulted in a surge in court cases as any reason stated in a 30 or 60-day termination notice could have been challenged
  • AB 2618 (Bonta) – Defeated: Would have required all rental owners to take “landlord education” classes every two years through a new state administered department
  • AB 2343 (Chiu) – Amended: Would have extended the 3-day notice to pay, cure, or quit and the 5-day unlawful detainer tenant answer period to 10 days, proposed to require property owners to provide “reasonable accommodation” should a tenant need additional time to relocate
  • AB 2364 (Bloom) – Defeated: This bill was an attack on the Ellis Act, requiring units to be rent controlled for 10 years after being taken off the market and the rental owner goes out of business

While all the bills made it out of initial committee, none moved to the next stage. Bonta’s statewide “just cause” bill, which was heard on the Assembly Floor, received just 16 votes of the necessary 41 to pass, while his “landlord education” bill died in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Chiu’s bill was gutted and amended to remove most changes in the unlawful detainer process. Bloom’s bill attacking the Ellis Act only received 27 votes of the 41 needed to pass.

While this is a great victory for ALL homeowners throughout the state, the fight is not over! Every year legislators find new and creative ways to attack the rental housing and home ownership industry. The attacks are more extreme in nature and are coming at a pace unseen in recent years. Radical solutions may also be gaining momentum across the state as California continues to struggle against cities that refuse to allow more homes to be built.

This victory is thanks to the hard work of all EBRHA members and CalRHA affiliates who came out on Legislative Day, and those who made calls to their legislators urging a “No” vote. When our message is clear and focused, and when rental owners join with all homeowners to use their collective voices to be heard, we can win. Let’s continue fighting for the health of our industry and all homeowners as new challenges arise.

Up next is the fight for preserving Costa-Hawkins, which may be headed to the November 2018 ballot.

Click here to see what CalRHA is doing to fight the repeal, on behalf of EBRHA and the other California affiliates. Stay tuned. There is more to come from CalRHA on this issue.
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