New Laws for 2015

New Laws for 2015 - An Overview - Written by Ron Kingston - Posted Jan 1, 2015

New Laws for 2015

Of the 130 bills EBRHA and CalPCG tracked, 73 were considered “Tier One” top priority bills because of their potential to seriously hurt the interests of rental property owners. These Tier One bills included bills like the “Ellis Act” bills, which sought to limit the right of rental property owners to go out of business, and AB 2561, the “Food Crop” bill by Assembly Member Bradford, which would have given tenants unprecedented rights to grow potted food plants without regard to damage to the property.

Bills other than Tier One are considered “Tier Two” because they bear on the interests of rental property owners, but do not grossly change their rights or interests. Although Tier Two bills have a lower priority, they must be vigilantly tracked because of the potential for the author of the bill to introduce an amendment that can hurt the interests of property owners. Such was the case, for example, of SB 411 (Wolk).

We held an “Opposed” or “Opposed Unless Amended” position on 31 bills in 2014. Each of these bills either died or was amended in such a way as to remove our opposition. We also supported 11 bills. For all other tracked bills, we held a “Watch” position, which simply means that we kept an eye on it.

Overall, despite another year of legislative attacks on the rights of rental property owners, our lobbying team successfully killed the most horrendous bills, while getting . . .

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