Take Charge of Your Property

Simple tips to reduce costs, increase ROI and protect your buildings. - Written by John Caronna - Posted May 18, 2016

Take Charge of Your Property

Whether you are a new rental property owner, or you want to improve your property management skills, here are several basic yet vitally important areas to focus on. From organizing your paperwork, to looking at ways to increase your current income, and getting the most out of an upcoming vacancy, all these areas are equally important for your rental business.

Paperwork From Previous Owner
If you are in the process of acquiring a new property, be sure to obtain the following items from the previous owner: all leases (if the property is in Oakland or Berkeley, ensure that all current tenants are on the lease for each unit), expense records from the previous year; service records and contact information for any major repairs from the last 5-7 years. Last, but certainly not least, is tenant estoppels. A tenant estoppel is confirmation of the amount of current tenant deposits, current rent, ownership of appliances and who pays which utilities, signed by the tenant. The importance of tenant estoppel can’t be underestimated. As a new owner, the last thing you want to deal with is an issue with your tenants or the previous owner that could result in a lawsuit due to a disagreement of what your tenant’s deposit was at the time of their move in, or who pays for the water bill. Having both tenant’s and seller’s agreement on all of the. . .

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