CalRHA Affiliate Wins Court Battle Regarding Ellis Act Relocation Payments

The lawsuit challenged an ordinance that dramatically increased relocation payments that San Francisco rental owners must give to tenants. - Written by CalRHA - Posted Apr 11, 2017

March 22, 2017 – San Francisco – The Small Property Owners of San Francisco (SPOSFI) and a group of local property owners prevailed in the Court of Appeal against the City and County of San Francisco. The lawsuit challenged a recent ordinance that dramatically increased relocation payments that San Francisco rental property owners must give to tenants whose rental units are withdrawn under the state’s Ellis Act. (The Ellis Act is a California state law that guarantees property owners’ right to “go out of the rental business”.) The Court of...

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East Bay Times editorial: Rent control exacerbates housing shortage

East Bay Times says no on rent control in Richmond and Alameda, no on Oakland Measure JJ. - Written by East Bay Times - Posted Nov 3, 2016

The following is an editorial from the East Bay Times. Rent control has great political appeal. It conjures up notions of reduced housing costs and greater access. But it’s not very effective at protecting poor or vulnerable tenants. And, as most economists agree, it discourages new construction, the very thing we need most to solve our housing crisis and control rents. Moreover, it does not distinguish between tenants who need relief and those who don’t. High-income tenants benefit along with the poor. Consequently, wealthier tenants are...

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Commentary: Rent control no solution for Oakland’s problems

Oakland’s rent control measures on the November ballot will only exacerbate Oakland housing problems. - Written by Nathan Durham-Hammer - Posted Oct 28, 2016

Oakland City Attorney Barbara J. Parker is right about one thing — Oakland’s rent control laws must be changed. (“Rent control laws must be changed to help Oaklanders,” opinion, Oct. 11). Unfortunately for Oakland, her personal opinions and theories about how and why are wrong: Asking rents in vacant or non-rent controlled apartments have been rapidly accelerating, but rents have not accelerated in rent-controlled apartments, which creates socially inequitable discrepancies between residents’ housing costs. The idea that our neighbors and...

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Cities Ignore Data, Economists and Continue to Push for Tighter Rent Controls

Renter Groups Use Misleading Data on “Average” Rents to Push Radical Agenda - Written by EBRHA - Posted Oct 26, 2016

Despite overwhelming evidence from leading economic experts that rent control hurts low-income and minority residents and recent market indications that rents in the region have leveled off and begun to decline, cities across the East Bay are moving forward with even more draconian restrictions targeting small rental property owners. In Alameda, Oakland and Richmond, voters are being asked to impose strict renter-backed limits that threaten the livelihoods of small mom-and-pop property owners. In addition, Oakland City Council has imposed its...

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Oakland Multifamily Market Report

Development Fills; Equity Inflows Enter in Torrents - Written by Marcus & Millichap - Posted Oct 4, 2016

Economy gathers steam, driving occupancy and rents up. The East Bay multifamily market is teeming with renters as the high cost of homeownership and continued economic expansion intensify demand for metro apartments. Corporate relocation as well as organic business growth are creating job opportunities in well-paid employment sectors, drawing highly skilled workers to the metro. Additionally, Oakland offers the most affordable rents in the Bay Area, attracting value-seeking renters. As a result, demographic metrics signal continued success...

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Union City Rent and Tenant Taskforce Meeting Oct.3

The recently-formed task force will hold is first meeting October 3. - Written by EBRHA - Posted Oct 3, 2016

About the Taskforce The City of Union City has a 15-member Rent and Tenant Taskforce that was formed on September 13, 2016 with the primary purpose of providing recommendations to the City Council on options that the City Council could consider to address rent and tenant issues in a legal, fair, and equitable manner. The Taskforce is comprised of five tenant representatives, five landlord representatives, and five impartial community members. Taskforce Charter For additional information regarding the Taskforce’s purpose and structure,...

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Proposed Alameda rent law has many onerous loopholes

A letter to the editor regarding Alameda's proposed rent laws - Written by Harold Mackenzie, EBRHA Member - Posted Jul 29, 2016

A recent letter describing a landlords’ loophole in the Alameda Rent Control Ordinance is somewhat misleading. The letter writer complains about a fixed-term lease being a loophole allowing a landlord to evict a tenant at the end of the lease without having to pay relocation fees. I do believe a lease is a contract and as such generally has many components but contains start and end dates. When you rent a vacation home, there are start and end dates. When you rent an apartment to someone, you are not applying for adoption, which is what...

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SF Markets Stabilizing as Demand is Down and Supply is Up

San Francisco is expected to add about 5,100 new units for rent in 2016, the most in 26 years - Written by Bloomberg News - Posted Jul 29, 2016

The apartment market in New York and San Francisco is slowing down, with Equity Residential, the largest publicly traded U.S. multifamily owner, cutting its revenue forecast for the third time this year. Equity Residential expects revenue growth from properties open at least a year to be 3.5% to 4% in 2016, according to the company’s second-quarter earnings statement Tuesday. The Chicago-based real estate investment trust in late April lowered the upper limit to 5%, then reduced it again in June to 4.5%. “After five consecutive...

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Commentary: Oakland landlords not villains in housing crisis

An op-ed in the East Bay Times by EBRHA's Executive Director - Written by Jill Broadhurst - Posted Jul 20, 2016

Oakland City Council and Mayor Libby Schaaf insist they’re listening to all sides in the current debate over the city’s housing shortage. But that’s not true. They may be hearing multiple opinions, but they’re only listening to one: the tenant activists, who blame all housing issues on greedy, uncaring rental property owners. The loudest tenant-rights activists paint rental property owners with a single brush — rich white men in corporate offices raking in millions off the backs of renters. And the only options...

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Oakland Property Owners File Landmark Suit Against City Over $1.5 Billion Garbage Deal

Legal Action Seeks to Overturn Contracts that Sent Trash and Recycling Rates Skyrocketing - Written by EBRHA - Posted Jun 29, 2016

Oakland (June 29, 2016) —The City of Oakland’s trash and recycling contracts represent an unfair and improper tax and are therefore unconstitutional under California law, according to a landmark lawsuit filed today by three multiunit property owners in the city. The lawsuit accuses city officials of mishandling negotiations with Waste Management and California Waste Solutions and allowing fees to be imposed on multifamily properties that far exceed the cost of provided services. By agreeing to keep the rates for single-family owners flat, the...

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