Letter to the Editor: Oakland evictions highly exaggerated

Why blame the owners of the most affordable housing in the city for what is clearly a supply and demand problem? - Written by J. Furstoss, EBRHA Member - Posted Jun 9, 2016

Oakland evictions highly exaggerated The Oakland City Council continues to have its collective head in the sand when it comes to the current housing crunch. Instead of researching facts on their own, they are taking the tenants’ word as gospel and blaming the owners of rental properties already under rent control for the city’s ills. How can that be? It turns out the number of evictions aren’t anywhere near what tenants claim. With other East Bay Rental Housing Association members, I pulled the numbers from the county...

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Alameda Renters Submit Nearly 8,000 Signatures for Rent Control Measure

The measure would cap rent increases and ban no-cause evictions on the Island. - Written by Steven Tavares - Posted May 26, 2016

Article source: Steven Tavares, Alameda Magazine – May 25, 2016 A ballot measure proposing rent control in Alameda took a big step closer to reality Tuesday when proponents submitted nearly 8,000 signatures to the city clerk’s office. If validated by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters in coming weeks, the rent control measure will appear before Alameda voters in November. Roughly 6,400 valid signatures are required to qualify for the ballot. Members of the Alameda Renters Coalition, which sponsored the ballot measure, were in a...

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Oakland renter support groups seek more concessions at second project

Another Oakland project is facing demands for more affordable housing and monetary concessions from renter support groups. - Written by Roland Li - Posted May 25, 2016

Article source: Roland Li, San Francisco Business Times – May 24, 2016 Another Oakland project is facing demands for more affordable housing and monetary concessions from activists led by Lailan Huen, the daughter of former mayor Jean Quan, in another example of escalating backlash against new development. Community groups are targeting Wood Partners’s 262-unit residential proposal at 226 13th St. on an existing parking lot, which is a block from another project that the same groups appealed: Bay Development’s 126-unit residential...

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Oakland Council Using Misleading Information Against Rental Owners

Facts Show Fewer Evictions, Lower Average Rent Costs Than Numbers Cited by Renter Groups - Written by EBRHA - Posted May 17, 2016

OAKLAND – (May 17, 2016) Oakland officials are using misleading and unsupported data about rent increases and ignoring new information on court-approved eviction rates to justify new housing rules designed to further punish rental property owners in the city, according to a survey of rent-controlled property owners and multiple analyses of eviction data. The survey of the owners of nearly 2,200 rent-controlled units in the city found average rents cited by city officials to justify the recent moratorium were overstated by 100 percent. In...

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Letter to the Editor: Don’t unfairly harm the property owners

"If you want to solve the housing shortage, you need to build more housing." - Written by Nathan Durham-Hammer, EBRHA Member - Posted May 15, 2016

Don’t unfairly harm the property owners Tammerlin Drummond makes it sound as if greedy Oakland property owners are pushing renters out of their apartments for no reason, just to make a quick buck (“Battles grow over housing shortage,” April 30). Rental owners cannot and do not — by law — evict renters for no cause. Besides, the number of actual evictions in the city aren’t anywhere near as high as renter advocates want you to believe. The 12,000 yearly figure Drummond cited represents notifications to the...

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