City of Alameda Rent Ordinance

The Alameda City Council recently passed new regulations concerning rent increases in the City and created certain limitations on evictions. The new regulations, which became effective March 31, 2016, are available below:

alameda-rent-ordinance-EBRHAThere are new requirements concerning the following:

  • Noticing rent increases
  • Offering leases
  • Increasing rent more than 5%
  • Noticing evictions
  • Providing relocation assistance in connection with certain evictions
  • Requiring Capital Improvement Plans in connection with substantial rehabilitation of rental units

Restrictions on Rent Increases

  • There can only be one rent increase every 12 months
  • There is no cap on rent increases
  • Mandatory: For rent increases above 5%: Rental property owners must file a notice with the Program Administrator
  • Rent increases above 5% are subject to review by the Rent Review Advisory Committee.
  • If a Rental Property Owner or Tenant disagrees with the Rent Review Advisory Committee decision, and the rental unit is a multi-family rental unit built before February 1995, either party may file a petition to have the rent increase determined by a neutral hearing officer whose decision is legally binding on the parties. For all other rental units, the Rent Review Advisory Committee’s decision is non-binding.
  • For rent increases at or below 5%: Tenants may request mediation by the Rent Review Advisory Committee.  The Committee’s decision is non-binding.

Limitations on Evictions

  • For Cause Evictions
    • Evictions are permitted for certain causes, such as failure to pay rent, breach of the lease
    • No relocation fees are required for such eviction and there is no limitation on the rent for a new tenant
  • No Fault Evictions
    • Evictions are permitted for no fault of the tenant, such as an owner move-in
    • Relocation  fees are required
  • No Cause Evictions
    • Evictions are permitted
    • Relocation  fees are required and the  rent offered to the new tenant cannot be more than 5% greater than the prior tenant’s rent
    • Only a limited number of “no cause” evictions are permitted each year

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