2018 Election Results


Thanks to Our Members and Supporters,
We Successfully Defeated
Proposition 10 and Measure AA



FAILED: Proposition 10, the so-called “Affordable Housing Act”

  • Repeals Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act
  • Subjects single-family homes, condos and units built after 1995 to rent control
  • Creates potential for different rent control rules in 482 cities across the state
  • Requires a new vote of the people to correct even obvious flaws



FAILED: Measure AA – Parcel Tax – A 1 Billion Dollar Tax Increase

  • One of the largest parcel tax proposals in Oakland’s history ($198 per home and $135.25 per unit per year)
  • $30,000,000 a year for 30 years will be distributed to organizations without accountability or a track record of success
  • Homeowners are already paying for 6 separate parcel tax measures to support schools
  • No guarantee the funds will be used for the stated purpose
  • No public oversight and no program in place


PASSED: Measure Y – Remove Protections for Small Property Owners

  • Removes 2 and 3-unit owner-occupied exemption from Just Cause ordinance (Measure EE)
  • Subjects owners to expensive legal battles just to have peace at home
  • Pushes owners to remove properties from rental market, shrinking housing supply
  • Grants city council new authority to add eviction defenses, making it harder for owners to keep control of properties


PASSED: Measure W – Vacant Property Tax – A $200,000,000 Tax Increase

  • Imposes a parcel tax for properties in use less than 50 days during a calendar year
  • Residential homes: $6,000 per parcel
  • Non-residential & Undeveloped: $6,000 per parcel
  • Condominium or duplex: $3,000 per vacant unit
  • Parcel with ground floor commercial: $3,000 per parcel