EBRHA’s 2013 Legislative Team

2013 was a banner year for EBRHA in state legislative issues. Below are some of our successes.

Defeated Bills

  • AB 1229: Would have authorized every city and county to force new landlords and single-family homeowners to price controls of privately owned property.
  • AB 5: Would have allowed homeless persons to loiter in public spaces and private business areas open to the public, such as apartment lobby areas, without being subject to criminal or civil sanctions.
  • AB 746: Would have prohibited smoking in all attached residential dwellings. The bill, however, did not protect landlords from being cited by local government for the acts of tenants or guests who violated local or state no smoking laws.
  • AB 969: Would have allowed tenants to use abusive litigation tactic delays of proceedings and evictions, and would have forced landlords into settlements that are unfair and unreasonable. The settlements often include many months of free rent, relocation payments and paying many thousands of dollars of legal costs.
  • AB 603: If passed, would have required all landlords to pay tenants interest on security deposits every year.

Stalled Bills

  • SB 750: Would have required installation of water submeters in residential rental units. The bill, however, contained provisions that went way beyond water conservation policies, including increased landlord penalties and eviction restrictions. It will be heard in 2014.