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Photo by Daniel Ramirez

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The Housing Affordability Toolkit

Housing stakeholders must be prepared to evaluate their housing market and effectively advocate for local housing policies in diverse communities across the nation. Download The Housing Affordability Toolkit to learn more about the relationship between costs and rents, how state and local policies impact affordability and facilitate conversations that result in the enaction of effective local housing policies.

Many communities across the U.S. are seeking solutions to a lack of affordable housing. To help them, we offer the Housing Affordability Toolkit. It is designed to help policy makers understand the dynamics of the housing market, what drives housing costs up, how state and local policies impact affordability and what solutions might work in their specific jurisdiction.  Our goal with the Toolkit is to help educate all stakeholders — policymakers, community advocates, urban planners, business groups and more — and to provide apartment firms with the information they need to help advocate effective local housing policies.

Using the toolkit: Each section can stand alone or be combined with other sections of the Toolkit to help guide discussions regarding specific policies, tools, or incentives.

Sponsored by the National Multifamily Housing Council and developed in partnership with HR&A Advisors, the Housing Affordability Toolkit is divided into six sections and each section delves into a specific component of addressing the affordability challenge.