Meet Local Housing Providers

Most people don’t realize that private rental property owners provide cities like Oakland with its largest segment of safe, clean and affordable rental housing. The majority of rental owners in Oakland, for example, are mom-and-pop owners with fewer than five units. As you will read in these EBRHA member profiles, they are engaged, positive, compassionate community members and long-time Bay Area residents who treat renters with respect. Collectively, they represent the city’s longest term, most stable taxpayers, willing to invest their life-savings in our neighborhoods. Meet them here.


Rental Housing provider for 25 Years

“I grew up in Oakland, so I’m used to living in quality housing. People come here because they want to live here for various reasons, so it’s nice that I’m able to provide quality housing for tenants and and invest in Oakland neighborhoods.”



Rental Housing provider for 10 Years

“Each of our units was uniquely designed with comfort in mind for families. My grandparents wanted to help African Americans who were red-lined and refused credit back in the ‘60s, people who had a hard time finding a decent place to live.”

Lin & Charles

Rental Housing provider for 32 Years

“Over the years we have crossed paths through our rentals with many interesting people from different places and backgrounds. We also connect with other residents of the neighborhood and feel that we are part of the community as well.”



Vuong & Truc

Rental Housing provider for 30 Years

“In 1992, we entered the real estate business and have since found much success combining our expertise to the projects at hand and providing residential services to our communities that we hold dear to our hearts.”




Rental Housing Provider for 37 Years

“I like the diversity in Oakland neighborhoods. It is wonderful and fulfilling to know that I have been able to offer a desirable place to call home for the many residents over the years who enjoy living together in a diverse community.”


Nathan & Amanda

Rental Housing provider for 3 Years

“It is a great pride and joy to own property in my hometown.  Owning our property is a key to our plans, goals and future.  We love Oakland, and Adams Point is our home.”




Rental Housing Provider for 5 Years

“I am concerned that taking away financial opportunities to invest in real estate and improve Oakland properties is going to lead to a deteriorating housing stock – which will benefit no one, especially not renters.”



Rental Housing Provider for 6 Years

“The mom-and-pop rental operations are being squeezed out of business because of low rent-controlled rents, and are being forced to sell to larger property owners and corporations.”