Membership Renewal

This payment page is for Membership Renewals only.  Please go to Pay an Invoice if you are NOT paying a Renewal Invoice.

If your membership expired before you renewed, please give us 48 hours to reinstate your subscription.

All of the payment fields below can be filled with the numbers from the Renewal Invoice you received in the mail.

Renew Membership 2018

  • Please include your Member ID. You can find it on your invoice.
  • NOTE: P.O. Box addresses will be rejected by our processor. Please use the correct credit card billing address.
  • Enter the dollar amount from your renewal invoice. *Dues are tax deductible.*
  • Enter the dollar amount from your renewal invoice.
  • If you do not specify, your mandatory contribution will be added to the Political Action Fund.
  • Enter the **dollar amount** from your renewal invoice. Leave blank if there are no per-unit dues on your invoice.
  • Please check the boxes for any additional contributions you would like to include at this time.
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NOTE: To avoid duplicate charges, please hit “Submit” only once.
If the confirmation is taking too long, please call us (510-893-9873) and check your email for transaction receipts to see if it went through before trying again.