Oakland 90-Day Moratorium on Rent Increases

Oakland Moratorium on Certain Rent Increases Effective April 5 to July 4, 2016


As of July 5, the Oakland moratorium on certain rent increases is expired. Property owners should continue to follow Oakland rent laws as stated in the ordinance. The information below is for reference only.

The Oakland City Council voted unanimously on April 5 to impose a 90-day moratorium on rent increases above CPI. Click here to download the final ordinance.


Changes Under the Temporary Ordinance

The following rules under the 90-day moratorium are effective as of April 5 and will be in effect until Monday, July 4, 2016. These rules apply to buildings regulated by Oakland’s residential rent stabilization program, in addition to 2 to 3 unit owner-occupied buildings:

  • Rent increases above CPI are prohibited (increases cannot exceed the current 1.7% CPI)
  • Banking and capital improvement pass-throughs are prohibited
  • Previously exempt owner-occupied duplexes and triplexes are under the rent laws and must follow the CPI increase schedule; however, owner occupied buildings remain exempt from the Just Cause ordinance
  • The exemption for buildings with substantial rehabilitation is discontinued
  • Increases that were properly noticed prior to April 5, 2016 are not affected by the moratorium
  • A rental owner may petition the Rent Program to authorize rent increases above those otherwise permitted by the moratorium if necessary to permit the landlord to earn a fair return


No Expansion of Eviction Protections

The final ordinance DOES NOT include a freeze on evictions or expand eviction protections. Under the moratorium, 2 to 3 unit owner-occupied buildings remain exempt from the Just Cause ordinance. The moratorium does not apply to new units built after 1983 and single-family homes, which are covered under state law.

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  • Click here for a video of the hearing, and click item #12.
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The Property Owner’s Resource

EBRHA remains committed to helping property owners navigate these new laws in Oakland and throughout Alameda and Contra Costa counties. EBRHA offers  rental property owner and manager members city-specific and timely education, one-on-one property management advice, free rental forms, networking opportunities, and advocacy at the state and local level. Click the link below to learn more about EBRHA or join today!