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oakland-recycles-your-team-logo-vertical-webOakland multifamily properties with five or more units are required to provide recycling and composting collection service to their tenants. The Oakland Recycles Zero Waste contracts* provides all the services you need to comply with Alameda County’s Mandatory Recycling Ordinance (MRO) and the State of California’s Mandatory Commercial Recycling law. Effective January 1, 2017, the MRO notification/penalty phase for composting goes into effect.  Now is the time to get your composting program in place with help from Waste Management of Alameda County, Inc.

The MRO penalty phase for recycling has been in effect since 2012.  To request recycling assistance, contact California Waste Solutions at (510) 625-5263.

*Oakland Municipal Code requires property managers to provide residents access to all franchised collection services. (OMC 8.28.140.D)



2018 Zero Waste Workshops for Multi-Unit Rental Property Managers, Owners & Tenants

Everything you need to know about waste reduction, recycling, compost programs, surcharges, and more. Other topics include:

  • Improving and increasing resident compost and recycling participation
  • Establishing and maintaining clean enclosures
  • Avoiding contamination surcharges
  • Managing successful Bulky Pickups

Choose from one of the workshops below:



Compost Cart Availability

5-12 Units 13 Units or More
32-gal-green1 64-gal-green1

To comply with the MRO, residents of multifamily buildings must have access to enough compost collection service to capture all food scraps, yard trimmings and food-soiled paper they generate. As of July 1, 2015, every multifamily building in Oakland received one compost cart, either 32- or 64-gallons based on the number of resident units.

To request additional cart(s), contact Waste Management at (510) 613-8710.


NEW! Free Interior Containers for Food Scraps Collection

Green bin group with decalsFor a limited time, the Alameda County Waste Management Authority is offering free indoor bins to qualifying Alameda County multi-family residential properties (5+ units) for the collection of food scraps, compostable paper and plant debris (“organics”). A variety of containers and lids are available—up to a value of $500 per approved site!

Visit to apply.



Tools for Successful Composting

To help create a successful food scraps collection program at your building, Waste Management offers onsite technical assistance and door-to-door outreach to tenants.

mfd-cover oakland-kitchen-pail-decal decal_compost composting-video
Service Brochure Kitchen Pail Signage Video

For Residents:

  • Trash, Recycling & Composting Service Brochure
  • Kitchen Pail for In-Home Collection of Food Scraps/Food-Soiled Paper
  • Multi-Lingual Videos on “What’s Compostable”
    (Click here for video)
  • Posters for Trash, Recycling & Composting


For Buildings:

  • Property Manger Recycling Services Kit (download)
  • request-free-tools-buttonBulky Pickup Service Setout Requirements (download)
  • Waiver to Permit Residents to Schedule Bulky Pickup (download)
  • AC Mandatory Recycling Ordinance Notification Materials (download)



Bulky Pickup Service

Schedule Your Bulky Pickup Service Today!  Call 510-613-8710. Buildings with 5 or more units are eligible to set out the following per unit:




Technical Assistance

Need help assessing your service needs or the placement of collection containers for optimum participation? Contact your Oakland Recycles team to schedule a site visit:

  • Compost & Trash – Contact Waste Management of Alameda County, Inc. at or call 510-613-8710.
  • Recycling – Contact California Waste Solutions at or call (510) 524-5263
  • General Service Request – Submit online at


Discover All the Services Available to Multifamily Buildings

  • Bulky Pickup Service (1.5 cubic yard per unit plus unlimited recyclables)
  • Motor Oil Recycling Collection**
  • Free Holiday Tree Collection
  • Pay as You Go Collection Service for additional bulky collection
  • Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off

** In accordance with program guidelines which vary by number of units per property


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