Board of Directors & Staff

EBRHA Board Officers

Wayne Rowland
Rowland Property Management
Luke Blacklidge
Luke Blacklidge
Owner Litton - Fuller Group
Vice President
Christopher Moore
Fred Morse
Owner Morse Management

Francisco Acosta

Maya Clark

Carmen Madden

Courtney Morse

Deeana Owens

Joshua Polston

Jack Schwartz

Maria Recht

Aaron Young

Irina Gelfenbeyn

Rick Philips

Judy Shaw

The East Bay Rental Housing Association is governed by a Board of Directors, consisting of independent rental property owners and executives from property management firms, who are elected by the general membership.

If you are interested in becoming an EBRHA Board Member, you can request a Board of Directors application form by emailing, or calling our office at 510.893.9873


Derek Barnes
Derek Barnes
Chief Executive Officer East Bay Rental Housing Association (510)893-9873x7
Danielle Baxter
Danielle Baxter
Sales & Member Relationship Manager East Bay Rental Housing Association (510)368-7914
Shani Brown
Shani Brown
Facilities & Event Scheduling East Bay Rental Housing Association (510)893-9873x8
Mic Burns
Membership Specialist East Bay Rental Housing Association (510)893-9873x1
Christopher Tipton
Christopher Tipton
Marketing Communications & Public Relations East Bay Rental Housing Association (510)893-9873x3

Derek Barnes, Chief Executive Officer 

Danielle Baxter, Sales & Member Relationship Management
510.893.9873 x2

Shani Brown, Facilities & Event Scheduling
510.893.9873 x8

Mic Burns, Membership Specialist 
510.893.9873 x1

Christopher Tipton, Marketing Communications & Public Relations 
510.893.9873 x4

Billing & Accounting
510.893.9873 x3

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