Join an EBRHA Committee

EBRHA members are encouraged to join one of the Association’s committees. We are looking for members who want to collaborate on research, writing, and speaking out on the matters that are most pressing to us all.

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Legislative Policy & Advocacy Committee

Responsible for (1) researching and recommending government public policy positions pertaining to the rental housing industry to the Board for approval; (2) communicating with members, local governments, community organizations, the media, and the public; and (3) supervising staff and consultants assisting with this work. (Tell ‘our’ Story.)

Membership Operations & Technology Committee

Responsible for employing ways to improve the member experience, automating processes, improving infrastructure, and determining the methods for increasing the number of members throughout Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. The Committee could also establish new priorities and recommend programs, staffing and a budget for these for consideration by the Board of Directors, evaluating and refining programs as needed.

Programs & Content Committee

The committee’s focus is on the programmatic aspects of developing educational curriculum and member-centric programs and classes, while keeping our supporting forms and other intellectual property updated/relevant for better risk management for EBHRA members.

Marketing & Events Committee

The focus of the committee is engaging market research for creating and upholding brand standards, supporting traditional and social media campaigns, and opening channels for public relations and external communications. The committee will also support the production, coordination, and funding of our signature events (EBRHA Trade Expo, Innovation & Tech Conference, etc.).

Member Advocacy Taskforce 

EBRHA membership not required

The group keeps the broader EBRHA member community aware of policies and legislation which may impact the operations of rental property owners – negatively or positively. It works with other committees to develop and prescribe activities for the MAT to perform, as well as calls to action for EBRHA members at large. EX: Rally coordination, phone campaigns, letter/email campaigns, etc.

To inquire about joining a committee,
see the list of available opportunities above and

Let Us Know You're Interested