Azibo Partners with East Bay Rental Housing Association (EBRHA)

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In the rental world, the only constant is change. That's why strategic partnerships are essential. Today, we're proud to introduce a collaboration between Azibo and the East Bay Rental Housing Association (EBRHA). By bringing together Azibo's technology with EBRHA’s local knowledge and expertise, we aim to make property management more accessible and efficient.

Understanding EBRHA's role

At the heart of our partnership is EBRHA. With a history of over 80 years, they've been a beacon for rental housing professionals in Alameda and Contra Costa counties in California. They're not just an association but a resource, offering everything from education and support to advocacy. Their mission? To boost housing in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. With over 1,500 members managing over 45,000 homes, their reach and influence are undeniable.

Benefits of the partnership

Through this partnership, EBRHA members will get an upgraded, technology forward legal forms solution embedded in Azibo, and Azibo customers who are EBRHA members will be able to take advantage of their EBRHA member benefits within Azibo, specifically:

  1. Access to all of EBRHA’s 100+ up to date state, county, and city specific legal forms in a searchable, filterable experience making it easy for members to find the specific form they are looking for.

  2. An end to end digital lease process enabling EBRHA members to walk through a guided digital experience to digitally compile a complete signature-ready lease packet including the lease agreement along with all required notices, addendums, booklets etc. This ready to sign lease packet can be downloaded as a PDF for free or e-signed via Azibo for $9.99.

With this digital lease experience, instead of having to manually download several different PDFs, fill them out entering repeated information in several places, manually combine them, and then upload them to an e-sign service, EBRHA members can do easily do all of this within Azibo, saving precious time and minimizing errors that come from duplicate data entry.

The Azibo Advantage

In addition to the above benefits available exclusively to EBRHA members within Azibo, EBRHA members who use Azibo can save valuable time and money by taking advantage of Azibo’s full range of tailored solutions designed to streamline and simplify the financial and property management of rental properties, including:

  • Smart rental applications: The power to select the right renter is now at your fingertips. Azibo offers smart rental applications, allowing you to make informed decisions. 

  • Simplified online rent collection: With Azibo's streamlined online rent collection system, collecting rent is hassle-free. It's designed for convenience, providing flexible payment options, including ACH transfers, debit cards, credit cards, and even paper checks. No more manual tracking or delays – let technology do the work.

  • Optimized financial management: Efficient accounting and financial reporting are paramount for rental property owners. Azibo furthers this with industry-leading landlord-specific accounting, tax-prep tools, and financial reporting solutions. It's all about simplifying your financial operations for better decision-making.

  • Banking tailored for rental property owners: We understand the unique financial needs of rental property owners. Azibo offers a banking system designed to align with these needs, providing a seamless banking experience that caters to your industry requirements.

  • Centralized maintenance coordination and renter communications: Managing renter requests and maintenance needs can be overwhelming. Azibo centralizes maintenance coordination and renter communications, making tracking and managing requests in one place effortless. Plus, you'll have a complete conversation history for reference.

  • Access to EBRHA legal forms:  Access to EBRHA’s full library of 100+ legal forms in a searchable, filterable experience, along with the ability to easily and quickly create signature ready lease packets using EBRHA forms through Azibo’s digital lease experience.

  • Affordable property insurance with speed and transparency: Protecting your property is crucial. Azibo offers affordable property insurance solutions that provide both speed and transparency, allowing you to secure the right coverage at the right price.

  • Elevating the renter experience: renters matter, and Azibo enhances their experience, too. With easy online rent payments, transparent record-keeping, and optional benefits like Credit Boost for improved credit scores, Azibo ensures renter satisfaction.

  • Responsive US-based customer success team and robust online resources: With Azibo, you're never alone. Our knowledgeable US-based customer success team is ready to assist you, offering free phone support whenever you need it. Additionally, our robust online resources, including the Help Center & Knowledge Center, are packed with valuable articles and calculators.

Azibo is your partner in every aspect of rental property management. Our comprehensive solutions empower you to achieve greater efficiency, make informed decisions, and provide an exceptional experience for you and your renters.

Closing thoughts: Future-Ready Together

Our partnership between Azibo and EBRHA is more than just a collaboration; it's a commitment. Together, we aim to address the real challenges rental property managers face today and prepare for what's coming tomorrow.

With EBRHA's deep knowledge of the Alameda and Contra Costa County communities and Azibo's tech tools, we're set to make property management smoother and more efficient.

To all EBRHA members and the wider East Bay rental community, we're excited about this journey. Let's make the most of what we can achieve together.