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If you're a renter in the East Bay, we're thrilled to invite you to visit the East Bay Rental Housing Association (EBRHA) Renter Resource Directory page to assist you with most of your rental housing needs.


At the EBRHA, we receive many calls regularly from renters, and we provide information, guidance, and referrals to resources whenever possible. The new Renter Resources Directory on our website provides quick references and guides to commonly asked questions directed to our member support team.

Our comprehensive directory aims to empower you with valuable information, from understanding your rights as a renter to navigating lease agreements and resolving common issues.

EBRHA is a non-profit rental housing association and its members are rental housing providers, property managers, and industry suppliers.  However, we understand that rental housing can be difficult at times, and we want to ensure that you, our industry's customers, are cared for. 


We're committed to fostering positive owner-renter relationships. Feel confident and informed as you navigate the rental landscape. Your peaceful, secure rental experience starts here. 


Renter Rights

Where to Find Help

Logistics & Common Issues

Temporary Housing

Location Based Resources

Renter Finances & Beyond

Visit the EBRHA Renter Resource Directory