Move In / Move Out Procedures

Move in and Move out Procedures

Use EBRHA's Move-In/Move-Out Checklist to establish unit condition upon move-in, before move-in and after move-out.

Security Deposits: This clarifies issues related to damage vs. normal wear and tear and security deposit deductions and regulations.

Move-in Procedures: Inspection and Walk-through

It is essential to conduct a pre-move-in inspection and walk-through in order to document the condition of the unit prior to occupancy.

  • Using the checklist, conduct a pre-move-in inspection before you meet with the resident so any needed repairs can be noted and made in advance of move-in.
  • When the unit is ready, conduct a walk-through with the resident using the checklist.
    • Videotaping the walk-through provides a time-stamped and verified snapshot of pre-move-in condition which will assist in the move-out process
  • Be sure to have the resident initial each page of the checklist.

Pre-Move-out Inspection 
  • ​After a notice to terminate rental agreement has been given by resident, the resident must be notified in writing of their option to request and be present for a pre-move out inspection. Residents have the legal right to request an initial move-out inspection of unit.
  • Using the checklist, conduct a walk-through with the resident, noting damage (not wear and tear).
  • Be sure to have the resident initial each page of the checklist.

Determining Wear & Tear vs. Damage
  • Rental owners should only make deductions for damages which are those caused by carelessness, abuse, thievery, mysterious disappearance, or accident.
  • Deductions should not be made for “normal wear and tear”.
Normal Wear & Tear Examples
  • Light scuffing on wood floors
  • Discoloration of carpet
  • Wobbly toilet
  • Dirty window screen
  • Chipped paint (minor)
  • Sun damaged drapes
Damage Examples
  • Locks replaced without permission
  • Urine stain/odor in carpet
  • Large hole in wall
  • Pet scratches on wall
  • Missing faucet handle
  • Missing door
  • Broken windows
Final Walk-through
  • Owner may perform a final inspection after the resident moves out.
  • Use the deduction checklist to record any additional damages discovered.
  • Best practice: Take photos or video of any damages and keep with your records​.

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