Small Owner Representation Services (SPORS)


    What is SPORS?

    SPORS is for small, lower-income rental housing providers pursuing an Oakland RAP claim or have a RAP claim against them from a renter. Qualified applicants should ensure they comply with local laws and ordinances that govern rental properties in Oakland.

    In partnership with the City of Oakland's Rent Adjustment Program (RAP), EBRHA is providing small rental property owner/operator assistance and representation in Oakland Rent Adjustment Program (RAP) petition cases and in Housing, Residential Rent and Relocation Board (HRRRB) appeal proceedings.

    Reasons for Filing RAP Petitions

    • Additional occupant in the unit
    • Banked Rent Increases over 10% (Next Year)
    • Capital improvement passed on as rent increase 
    • Fair return on renovations or improvements pass on as a rent increase
    • Increased housing service costs to lease agreement - Parking, Laundry, etc.
    • Renter not residing in unit as principal residence - Subleasing issues 
    • Uninsured repair costs that you want to pass through as rent increase
    SPORS will assist qualified owners/operators with the following:
    • Education and process review
    • Case preparation and document filing
    • Representation at Oakland RAP hearings
    • Negotiating resolutions and agreements
    • If the property owner is not currently compliant with local laws and ordinances, we can assist them in becoming compliant
    • Provide ALL necessary documentation and forms for processing


    How to Apply

    The online application process takes less than five (5) minutes. The program is also open to non-EBRHA members. Eligible applicants must own eight (8) or fewer rental homes and have a total personal income below the Alameda County Area Median Income (AMI).

    Why is this Program Important?

    Building "affordable housing" in the Bay Area is a hot topic among pro-housing organizations. Protection, Preservation, and Production are the "3 Ps" in housing and the basic framework strategy to ensure there is enough housing for all residents. At EBRHA, we understand that true "affordable housing" has already been built. These are the older duplexes, triplexes, or quads owned by locals, many of whom are people of color, immigrants, or retirees that also live in an apartment on the property. Most of these owners provide housing that is typically rented at below-market rates and make it possible for low-income families to live in the area. These are the property owners that actually provide "affordable housing," and it was crucial to EBRHA that we preserve their services through this program.

    To that end, EBRHA presented a proposal to the City of Oakland and worked to develop this pilot program in cooperation with the Rent Adjustment Program to finally create a resource to help low-income property owners and protect them as a vital element of the rental housing community.

    Apply Today!

    EBRHA is accepting applications today and applying takes less than five (5) minutes. The program is also open to non-EBRHA members. Please pass the information along to other rental property owners you know who may need RAP assistance. 

    Eligible applicants must own eight (8) or fewer rental homes and have a total annual income below the Area Median Income (AMI). 

    For more information about the SPORS program and how to apply, contact our RAP Specialists:

    510-347-8505 |